It takes certain essential skills in order to keep any business running successfully in a market like Los Angeles.  In the criminal defense world, those ingredients include, hard work and preparation, long standing relationships with the key players in the Los Angeles court system and a passion for winning and doing everything possible to achieve a successful result for our clients.

As the founding member, I like to think that I have done everything possible to be the best possible criminal defense attorney I could possibly be.  This includes trying as many jury trials as I possibly could over the course of the last twenty five years and handling thousands of serious cases over the years.  I take pride in fighting the case that should be fought and resolving the case that is in the best interests of the client to resolve.  Of course, the key is to know the different between the cases that should be tried and those that should be negotiated.  Figuring this out takes experience and know how, combined with doing what is right for the client and also listening to the client to make the decision that is best for them.

My father Ron Sr. opened up his practice in the 1970’s in the Van Nuys area and worked for many years to do the right things for his clients.  He has always had a strong work ethic and is liked by everyone connected with the court system.  Every court I go to the court staff, prosecutors and judges ask about him and let me know what a great guy he is.  He genuinely cares about our clients and wants to help them make the right decisions and achieve the best result for their case.  Because he has such great connections in court, he is able to achieve results that many attorneys simply can not.  We both work together to do everything possible to get what is best for our clients.  It is a powerful combination that puts us at the top of the legal community.

We joined forces a number of years ago and had never looked back.  We try and take the cases that suit our skill set the best and give our clients a defense team that is second to none.  I usually handle all of the felony and serious misdemeanor matters, while my father handles misdemeanor and non-serious felony cases throughout Los Angeles County.  The Hedding Law Firm has been build on a solid foundation in the legal community and we pride ourselves as being one of the top criminal defense firms in Los Angeles County.


The Hedding Law Firm is a full service criminal defense firm that handles all types of criminal defense cases. For 25 years I have been handling federal cases all over the United States and of course criminal cases in Los Angeles make up the bulk of the criminal matters we handle. When it comes to criminal defense, in my opinion, a solid criminal defense attorney can handle any type of criminal case. The reason for this is that the law related to crimes is not that complicated because it is made for the common man or woman to understand it.

Where the crucial skills of the best criminal defense attorneys come in is being able to identify the key issues that either win criminal cases or the key areas to be able to negotiate the best possible resolution for a client who is in trouble. I pride myself in having the ability to sit down with a client, hear their entire story and then being able to draw on my wealth of experience and multifaceted background to assist the client in making the right moves for their case. I can not tell emphasize enough how important it is in a criminal case for your attorney to be able to set up the right road map from the beginning of the case. This way you are on a path to success and not a path to disaster. To make these decisions takes experience, skill and that certain “it factor” that separates the best in a choose profession from the mediocre. And believe me, you want the best when it comes to your freedom, future, record and career!

Ronald Daniel Hedding

For twenty five years I have been learning everything I possibly can about criminal defense. I realize to be the best at something, you must constantly be learning about and immerse yourself in it. When you stop learning, you stop to be the best.

In 1992, I worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office in one of the busiest courthouses in LA county. Once I saw how the DA's office worked, I decided I would work for a high powered Superior Court judge as his right hand research attorney. This experience gave me incite regarding how judges decide what to do in the criminal cases they preside over.

In 1994, I decided that my true calling was to defend people who found themselves in the position of being prosecuted by the State of California or the Federal Government. Since that time I have been in every court in Los Angeles, in courthouses all over California and defended people on federal cases all over the nation.

In 1997, I worked for the State Bar of California as a Commissioner and assisted the Governor in investigating, interviewing and rating persons that the Governor was considering appointing as judges. This gave me the political background necessary to be a truly well rounded criminal defense attorney and serve my clients to the highest possible level.

I think my true experience has been attained by negotiating and litigating criminal cases in courthouses for the past 25 years. This has shaped me into someone that has seen a lot and knows what it takes to win a case and produce the best result for my client!

Make the phone call today and set up an appointment with me and we will work together to give you your life back.

Ronald William Hedding

For the past thirty eight years that Ronald W. Hedding has been an attorney, he has fought to make sure that his client's have been treated the right way! He is a well known figure in the legal community and is respected by prosecutors, judges, court staff, bailiffs and fellow criminal defense attorneys. Having this type of experience and respect on your side is exactly what you need to see your way through the criminal justice system.

In the Los Angeles criminal defense world, there is no substitute for battle tested experience. Having an attorney that has successfully traveled the path you are about to embark on is a necessity that you can not afford to be without. Call the Hedding Law Firm immediately and let us put our experience and know how to work for you right way.

Martin Pines

Martin Pines has been practicing criminal defense for many years and has litigated thousands of cases on behalf of his clients. He has strong relationships with judges, prosecutors and fellow criminal defense attorneys. Martin strongly believes that a client has a right to effective representation during all stages of the criminal process and is well known for his tenacity and savvy legal skills.

He has a strong legal background and has gained experience and education while working for the government and battling out cases for his client's for the past 15 years. The attribute that every client Martin represents mentions is the fact that he genuinely cares about them and the result in their case!