Los Angeles Battery Defense Lawyer


Most of the time battery cases are charged as misdemeanors and are dealt with by the City Attorney’s Office. However, if there is a serious injury involved in the case, then the person can be charged with a felony and the District Attorney’s Office will deal with the case. Unfortunately if a person gets hurt during an altercation and the police are contacted then they will come looking to see who the aggressor was and whether the injuries are significant enough to file a criminal case. If they determine that someone is an aggressor and the other side was injured then they will typically arrest the party who caused the injuries, send the offender to court and let the prosecutors figure out what to do about it.

Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to innocent people being sent to court. The police often times do not have the resources or time to look at both sides of the equation before rushing to judgment. Therefore, in my experience, I usually see no investigation whatsoever related to what really happened. This is where a good criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference in showing your side of what occurred and convincing the prosecutors to reconsider what really happened. This can lead to cases being dismissed or lessor charges being filed against a person.

Your best strategy moving forward is to hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney, tell them the truth about what really happened and let them guide you as to the steps to take to achieve the right result. When I meet with clients, the most important thing for me is to get across to the client that they must tell me the truth about what happened so I can use my experience to figure out what can be done to most effectively resolve the problem. If the client doesn’t tell me the truth or leaves important facts out of the version of events, then it will ultimately come back to haunt them. If they give me the good, the bad and the ugly, I can them be ready when the prosecutor challenges me with these facts and effectively deal with them. There are many different ways to handle a criminal case depending on the circumstances, but starting with the corrects facts is crucial to a successful outcome!


Battery is defined as the intentional, offensive or harmful touching of another. Battery can be applied to various situations, and can arise in many different cases. There are also many defenses to the charge of Battery such as self-defense, defense to others, or mutual combat. In the past 25 years, I have defended many Battery cases, and have learned the in’s and out’s of how to properly defend someone from this charge. You have to look at the facts and circumstances revolving around the incident, and study the human element of the case closely. This can best be done by a face to face meeting and the client giving all of the information to the attorney and then the two of them designing a plan to achieve the right result for the client.