Bellflower Court



Bellflower Courthouse
10025 East Flower Street
Bellflower, CA 90706


Your first move if you have a matter in Bellflower is to find a criminal defense attorney that is familiar with handling criminal cases in this courthouse. Each courthouse in Los Angeles has its own prosecutors, judges, law enforcement personal and its own personality. To be successful in a city like Bellflower a criminal defense attorney must come to court prepared to either fight for their client or show the judge and prosecutor the positive aspects of their client’s life that make them a member of society that does not deserve to go to jail and should be given a chance to clean up their act.

I believe a strong mitigation package is appropriate that consists of character letters, information about the client’s career, their family, any reports that are applicable to a particular charge and of course a strong legal argument that puts the client in the best possible light. Last, the attorney must have the know how and skill to go sit down face to face with the powers that be a get a result for their client. The Bellflower Judiciary and prosecution, like any other courthouse in Los Angeles, expect the defense attorney to come to court prepared to handle their matter is a professional and straight forward way. With an eye towards a resolution that respects the law and assures them that this person will not be back before them again!

One of the biggest hurdles a defense attorney faces is convincing the judge and prosecutor that if they give the client a break, they will not be sorry at some future date. It is my experience that the judge and prosecutor are concerned that a person does not just ignore a break and continue to commit crimes. This will make them look bad for the next courthouse that has to deal with this client. If I can convince them that the person’s conduct was an aberration that will not occur again, then we are in a position to be successful.

The Bellflower Superior Courthouse handles criminal matters in the Southeast Judicial District. It is one of 47 superior courts in Los Angeles County and is staffed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Any criminal matter that occurs in the city of Bellflower is prosecuted in this courthouse, which has typically been known to be conservative and deal with crime harshly. Whenever I appear in Bellflower court, I know I have my work cut out for me. But, I always bring the right attitude and I am prepared to fight for my client every step of the way. Schedule your free face to face consultation now!