Brandishing a Weapon

Los Angeles Brandishing a Weapon Defense Attorneys


There are a number of angles that I have employed over the course of the past 25 years in defending a case like this. Many times the reason the person brandishes a weapon is because he or she is in genuine fear for their life. There are defenses in criminal defense that can be employed under the right circumstances. If sufficiently threatened, under certain situations, it is justified if a person uses a weapon to defend themselves. Because each case spins on its own set of facts, it is important to sit down and go over the story about what happened step by step and come up with a realistic game plan to defend the case. Savvy defense attorneys that have been down the road you are about to travel will know what to do in defending your because they have the experience to make the moves that will put you in the best possible position. Meeting with a seasoned criminal defense attorney that is local to the court your case is pending should be your first move in defending yourself.

Another strategy in defending these cases is to come up with an alternate charge that does not have the same stigma that a brandishing charge does and get a dismissal that way. Also, there are diversion programs and other alternative sentences available for those who qualify and deserve to be given a chance to protect their record and future. In resolving these cases we utilize a multi-pronged approach that looks at your full history and life circumstances and is aimed at convincing the prosecutor and judge that you are a good person who is worthy of a chance to protect their good name and reputation. I invite a face to face meeting to discuss your options and a goal of putting you in the best possible position to achieve a favorable result in your criminal case. Once your your map of how your case is going to be dealt with in a professional common sense way, you can then begin the process of taking control of your life back!


Brandishing a weapon occurs when someone displays, bears, or exhibits a deadly weapon in a rude or offensive manner, or unlawfully in a fight or a brawl. Courts define a deadly weapon as any instrument or weapon that is capable of causing serious or grave bodily injury. This would include items such as kitchen knives, blunt weapons, pillows, trained dogs, firearms, among other objects. Charges for Brandishing a Weapon can arise in many situations, and depending on those situations the defense one takes may differ. A party can defend themselves if the facts indicate the weapon was brandished in self defense, there was no rude/angry/offensive gesture invoked when the weapon was displayed, there is evidence of false allegations or they were subject to a wrongful arrest. Brandishing a Weapon is a crime that requires no intent to actually harm another, its the action of making the gesture unlawfully that is the subject of the prosecution. Thus, defenses must attack the reasoning behind the gesture, whether that was made lawfully in self defense, or if the gesture itself wasn’t rude or angry.