In the past 25 years that I have been defending driving under the influence (dui) cases for my clients I have seen the dui laws in California continue to get harsher and harsher.  Even though California is known as a liberal state in politics, no one could legitimately claim the same thing when it comes to dui cases.  The legislature, police, prosecutors and judges are not messing around when it comes to how they now deal with a dui case.

If someone dies during a dui accident it is the norm now that prosecutors will filed murder charges against the offender and they will be facing 15 years to life in prison.  Which means that after they serve 85% of 15 years, they will only be eligible to get paroled.  License suspensions are for longer and longer periods and there are all kinds of requirements and punishments associated with dui cases both in court and in dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The best strategy against a dui is to not get one.  If you have one, then it is essential that you hire a local attorney who is battle tested and has handled many cases just like yours in the courthouse where your dui is pending.  This way you know that you are going to achieve the best result and your attorney will have the ability to pull out all of the stops for you.  It is also important that you cooperate with your attorney every step of the way.  If they ask you to do something, then make sure you do it.  You hired your attorney, it only makes good sense to listen to their instructions.

Trying to show the prosecutor and judge that your actions were not as dangerous as they think and that you are not the type of person who would do this again are the biggest issues a dui defense attorney will have to face in dealing with your case.  There are ways to accomplish these goals, but they are very fact specific and are best dealt with by someone who has had success before.

As far as possible future dangerousness, your track record and driving record speak for themselves and it is up to your attorney to convince the prosecutor that they do not need to lower the boom on you and that if they give you a break, they will not see you again and they do not have to worry about you re-offending and embarrassing them and their office in the future.

One of my main goals in a dui case is to meet with my clients and let them know what they are facing based on their specific factual scenario.  It always helps when you can get a little peace of mind associated with your case and you have an idea of where you are headed.  There is nothing more disconcerting than losing control of your life and being in the dark about your chances and what could happen to you.  I consider it job number one to let you know the perimeters of your dui case and to do everything I can to make sure you do it right, do it once and never do it again.