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Years ago I realized the power that Google has to drive cases to my law firm.  The Internet is an unbelievable form of advertising and I encourage you to review the testimonials about me and the Hedding Law Firm on Google and other review platforms.  I have used Google reviews and there natural listings to show potential clients what I have to offer them, what sets me apart from other attorneys and what I can do to help them solve their problem.  I have also used You Tube (which Google owns) to answer key questions via video and let potential clients see the person they will get if they hire me and my firm to help them.

It really seems to boil down to people are looking for the most effective way to solve their problem. And, when it comes to a criminal defense related issue, it can be quite terrifying and the person really loses a sense of control.  In my opinion, when someone loses control of there life and potentially their freedom, this is when I must do everything within my power to help them gain back a sense of control in their mind and in reality.  Keeping this in mind seems to assist me in taking control of the client’s situation and restoring a sense of calm and peace of mind back in their life.

Google has allowed me to reach a wide audience and also to “pre-sell” my potential clients before they ever meet me.  It also permits clients to look at a number of attorneys before deciding to actually meet with one and see if there is a connection.  As long as the consumer realizes that less experienced attorneys can slip in the mix because of advertising dollars and not necessarily skill, then they have the ability to weed out the wrong attorneys for them.  One key thing you want to avoid in this particular arena is being fooled into thinking that just because someone has strong Internet position makes them a good attorney.

Your going to have to investigate deeper than just a Google search if you want to find the right criminal defense attorney for you and your situation.  Checking other sources like and actually meeting the potential attorney are crucial in your decision making process.  Probably the best weapon you have at your disposal in choosing an attorney is your common sense.  If an attorney or their sales people tell you something that does not make common sense or has nothing to do with your particular situation, then you have probably reached someone that you do not want helping you.

If, on the other hand, the attorney you talk to or meet with can answer all of your questions in a way that makes sense, then you are on the right track and now you need to get a feel for them by setting up an in person meeting.  Remember, they will be the ones meeting with the prosecutor and judge and representing you and your interests.  If they are trustworthy and knowledgeable to you, then they will come across this way to the judge and prosecutor and you are in a position to achieve the best result for your important case.