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If you want to find an attorney that has a true passion for representing clients and you truly need help for your criminal case in Los Angeles, come and sit down with me for a face to face conversation to discuss your situation. Over 25 years ago I decided that I wanted to be the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles.  To that end, early in my career I represented clients for every case I could get my hands on for very reasonable fees (I was looking to challenge myself in every possible way).  I fought hard for my clients and achieved many incredible results.  I have never looked back…I love what I do and I crave the opportunity to go to battle and get you the most successful result possible.

Criminal defense is a passion of mine and I have honed my skills in an effort to represent my clients to the highest level.  It has come to the point where it is something I genuinely enjoy and almost consider my work a hobby that I try and get better and better at.  If we are not growing and learning everyday then we are not at our best.  As you might guess, I have handled a wide variety of cases.  From the federal system all over the Nation to every court in Los Angeles County and beyond.  I have litigated and negotiated related to just about every crime know to man.  No matter where I find myself or who I am defending, one thing remains a constant…I am representing people who deserve to have an attorney that will do everything in their power to obtain the right result.


I had a client contact me regarding getting rid of a federal criminal conviction that he had on his criminal record. We quickly determined that the only way to get rid of the subject federal conviction was to seek a Presidential Pardon. After four years of fighting, I remember being in line at the post office and receiving a call from a representative at the White-house. He informed me that the President of the United States had just signed a Presidential Pardon for my client and that I was being given a heads up because the press would likely be contacting me.

Sure enough the press called me and I gave them a full run down on how the Pardon request had gone through the Clinton Administration, a review by the Secret Service and finally President George Bush granting the Pardon. This was one of the very few Pardons that Bush granted. And it was one of the few Pardons that I have seen granted in the State of California. In fact, CNN reported that it was one of only 31 Pardons that were granted by this particular president.

This was such a great victory for my client, because he was having problems contracting with the government as an electrician because of the criminal conviction. Even though it was a long drawn out fight, it is a rewarding result for a client who truly deserved it!


After a multiple day motion, the court found that the police violated my client’s constitutional rights related to an illegal stop and search of his vehicle on the road.  My client is a successful movie producer who was driving his car on the highway and was eventually pulled over by the police and his car was search without his consent.

In the middle of the penal code section 1538.5 motion of dismiss for illegal stop and search the police admitted that they had video of the stop that the defense had already requested an was not turned over by them of the prosecutor.  Per the defense’s request, the judge continued the hearing so the tape of the stop could be turned over and the hearing could resume.

After the tape was turned over, it was determined that the police has given inconsistent statements both in their police report and on the witness stand related to what actually happened during the stop.  It was also clear that there was no probable cause to stop my client, he was detained too long while they searched his car and that there was no reason for them to search the car in the first place.  The judge granted the defense’s motion, suppressed all of the evidence found in the car and the case was dismissed shortly thereafter.

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