Child Endangerment

Los Angeles Child Endangerment Lawyers


Child Endangerment cases are politically charged cases that are usually handled by special prosecutors with an aim towards making sure that no child related to the subject case is ever put in danger again. Therefore, the number one job of your attorney is to convince the prosecutors that the subject behavior will never happen again. This is where you can help your attorney put the pieces in place to convince the prosecutor and judge that your actions were an aberration that will never happen again. Obtaining character letters from people who know you and your good character is a must. Those who know that you are a good parent and can speak to the type of person you are and positive interactions with your children are in the best position to begin to paint the picture that will be necessary to convince the prosecutors and judge to give you a break.

There are a number of programs that are designed to educate a parent about what it takes to keep your child out of harms way and reinforce your responsibilities as a parent in order to make sure that you are taking your child’s interests into account. Doing parenting classes is one of the components that will be necessary in order to try and keep you out of jail and prove to the prosecutor and judge that you are serious about doing the right thing for your child and will not find yourself in this position again. There are other things that can be done, depending on the circumstances of your case. When we meet to deal with your situation, we will be tailoring a plan based on your scenario.

When I meet with someone charged with Child Endangerment, I make it a point to immediately begin the process of giving you back control of your life and designing a strategy that will be necessary to achieve a successful result for you. First, we lay everything out on the table related to what happened with the incident. Then we figure out if the authorities have blown anything out of proportion and decide how we are going to deal with it. Finally, we develop a plan moving forward that is specifically designed for your circumstances with an end in mind that keeps you out of custody, protects your reputation and good name and makes sure that you and your child can move forward together in a positive direction.

Child Endangerment is a serious offense, and often listed as a crime of domestic violence. To be found guilty of child endangerment, a prosecutor must show that a person put a child in a dangerous position, or acted in manner which allowed a child to be placed in dangerous circumstances without taking adequate protections for the child. As this crime involves children, it is taken very seriously and could result in damaging consequences for a person’s reputation and record. While basic child endangerment requires intent to place the child in a dangerous situation, criminal negligence can arise when a party acts in such a reckless manner that no reasonable person would have made a similar choice. An example of this would be a spouse, who knows that their wife or husband is abusive, yet still leaves a child with their spouse alone while they go on vacation. Here, the court would ask if a reasonable person, under similar circumstances, would act in a similar manner. In most cases, per the example above, that standard will not be met and the court could charge a person with Child Endangerment on the theory of criminal negligence.


The first thing that I do as a defense attorney when it comes to a child endangerment case is to figure out how we can get the prosecutors to permit the client to plead to a charge that does not have such a negative stigma. Unfortunately a child endangerment charge can come with a lot of negative consequences that no one wants to deal with. It can trigger the Department of Child Protective Services to investigate you and decide whether you are fit to have children under your care and custody. It can also prevent you from ever coaching your children in sports and possibly prevent you from ever being in charge of other children in a school or work situation. Therefore, we have developed many different strategies to avoid this charge, depending on the circumstances of your particular case.

Our primary goal will be to the show the prosecutor and judge that you are not the type of dangerous adult who deserves to be saddled with a charge that can have such a negative effect on your personal life. Obtaining character letters from people you know and people who have children can help to humanize you and show that whatever you did to get yourself in this position was an aberration that is unlikely to repeat itself. Also, if you have no criminal or dangerous record and have the things in place that normal law abiding people do, like a job, a family and a life that can be characterized as a good environment that a child would not be in danger from, then we are on the path to success.

The final piece of the puzzle, when it comes to avoiding a child endangerment charge, is to find a charge that makes sense under the circumstances of your case. In other words, you did something to be facing the current charges and we need an offense that can replace the bad one, but still fits the circumstances of your case. It is your criminal defense attorney’s job to figure this aspect of your case out and make it work for you. Once I have the charge figured out, then I will usually have to go to the head prosecutor and convince them that you are the type of person who is deserving of a break and a second chance. We must show that damaging your standing in the community and with children is not the right thing to do and if they give you a break you will make good on their trust in you.