Burbank Courthouse


Burbank Courthouse
300 East Olive St, Burbank, CA 91502


First, you should realize that Burbank is its own city and even though it is part of Los Angeles County, it has its own identity as far as how it operates the police force and courthouse. The police department is very conservative and in my experience has been since the early 1990’s. Further, the judges are more harsh than other judges in Los Angeles County and will dole out justice in such a way that defendants are not given the benefit of the doubt. However, the cases that are filed in the Burbank Courthouse are prosecuted by the more fair minded Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and City Attorney’s Office. Therefore, depending on the specific prosecutor’s disposition, this is where a good defense attorney can tip the scales in your favor. The City Attorney’ Office prosecutes misdemeanors and the District Attorney’ Office handles felonies. When you come sit down with me face to face to discuss your matter, I encourage you to ask questions about how the prosecutors will view the crime you are charged with and some of the strategies I have to obtain the best possible result!

If you have a criminal matter pending in the Burbank Superior Court your best bet is to hire an attorney that has experience defending cases in that courthouse.  In 1992, I worked as a research attorney for a Superior a Court judge in the Burbank Courthouse. I assisted him in preparing tentative rulings for cases that where pending in his courtroom and in figuring out how he would rule on serious issues pending before him. This gave me the opportunity to view first hand how the court system works in Burbank from the judge’s perspective.  This type of insider information is crucial in formulating a strategy to handle any criminal case.

Over the course of the past 20 years I have made hundreds of court appearances in this courthouse and would highly recommend that you sit down face to face with any prospective attorney you are considering hiring and make sure that they have handled the type of case you are faced with in this courthouse.  In other words, you want someone that has been down the road you are about to travel and been successful.


This should be one of the foremost questions on your mind if you have a criminal matter pending in the Burbank Superior Courthouse. Your attorney is the one that will represent your side of the incident to the prosecutor and judge, so you need someone that you feel comfortable with and has experience in Burbank. A local insider is going to be able to figure out how to best represent you and your interests. Someone that knows the judges, prosecutor and the lay of the land in Burbank will get you the best result. It is difficult for an outsider to walk into a courthouse like Burbank and have the kind of success a local experienced attorney will. As in anything in life, you are in the best position to make a decision once you see the attorney and get a feel for whether they are a solid person that portrays themselves well. If yes, then they will likely portray you and your circumstances in the same way. Contact Hedding Law Firm today!


Not Guilty Verdict on Vehicular Manslaughter Case – My client was found not guilty in the Burbank Superior Court after the jury deliberated on the case for just 20 minutes.  The case involved a collision on a dark part of the 5 freeway that led to a death.  The prosecutor was trying to argue that my client’s inattentiveness and speed was the reason the accident happened and he should therefore be found guilty of vehicular manslaughter.

It was our contention that the other parties car had lost all power and stopped in the middle of the freeway with not lights on it and no way anyone could see it in time to stop.  The prosecutor called some boring professor as their accident reconstruction expert that caused everyone in the courtroom to fall asleep and made no sense.  Our expert, on the other hand, was short and to the point and made perfect sense.

The bottom line it that the prosecutor was out matched and I had prepared the case much more thoroughly than he had.  I tore through his witnesses and had a closing argument for the ages

Mistaken Identity Case Dismissed by Prosecutors – When my client went to attempt to get his immigration situation dealt with, he was told that he had a warrant for his arrest in the Burbank Superior Court. After a full investigation, we determined that the person who was driving the subject vehicle was not my client and there was no way for the prosecutors to prove it.  The prosecution agreed to dismiss the case pursuant to Penal Code Section 1385 and the client can now seek his immigration papers unencumbered by the warrant for his arrest.