Los Angeles County has many courthouses in order to cover such a vast metropolis.  For many years there was over forty courthouses that covered the Los Angeles area, stretching from Lancaster in the north, all the way to Long Beach in the south and Malibu to the west, to Pomona to the east.  Each courthouse covers a particular jurisdiction and if a criminal case occurs in that jurisdiction then it will be filed in the particular courthouse whose boundaries cover that area.

Today, many courthouses in Los Angeles have been closed down and their jurisdiction has been swallowed up by larger courthouses in that area.  In order to be a successful criminal defense attorney in a city like L.A. you must know the political landscape in order to be the most effective attorney possible for your clients.  In my experience over the course of the past twenty five years, I have noticed that certain court locations are more conservative than others and each court seems to have its’ own particular crimes that they are more harsh on than others.

One thing that should be noted is that the courts throughout Los Angeles try and be consistent in the punishments they met out for each crime.  This consistency starts with the prosecutors who are handed down marching orders from their superiors on how they are going to prosecute and punish certain crimes that they file in each courthouse.  This strategy is somewhat effective, however there are of course exceptions to every rule.  Cases can be resolved for the better or the worse of the median sentence depending on factors like the seriousness of the conduct and their criminal record, the particular prosecutors and judge’s tendencies and of course the effectiveness of your criminal defense attorney.


The main criminal courthouse in Los Angeles County sits in the middle of downtown L.A. at 210 West Temple Street.  It is a nineteen story building that has hosted some of the most famous cases in the Nation’s history.  There are also a number of buildings within the downtown area that house some of the special prosecuting units as well.  Because this courthouse is best set up to handled the most serious cases (security and size wise), this is where most of the action is in criminal defense in Los Angeles.

The ninth floor of the downtown courthouse is where most of the high profile and serious cases are tried in Los Angeles.  The courtrooms there are just used to do jury trials and the judges are able to do long cause cases that are set to take a long time to try.  Some of the judges on the ninth floor will start court at 8 a.m. and go into the evening in order to finish cases and move on to the next one.  Having tried numerous serious cases in this courthouse, I realize that the most seasoned judges are typically sitting in the courtrooms of the downtown courthouse.  This will probably tell you that if you or a loved one is charged with a serious crime, you are best served finding an attorney who can handle a case on this level. We cover all courthouses in Los Angeles County including Airport Courts, Alhambra Court, Burbank Court, Bellflower Court, Clara Shortridge Foltz Court, Compton Court, Eastlake Juvenile Court, Downey Court, East Los Angeles Court, El Monte Court, Long Beach Court, Glendale Court, Inglewood Court, Metropolitan Court, Norwalk Court, Lancaster/Antelope Valley court, Pomona Court, Pasadena Court, Santa Clarita Court, San Fernando Court, Sylmar Juvenile Court, Torrance Court, West Covina Court and Van Nuys Court.