Drug Possession

Los Angeles Drug Possession Defense Lawyer


This area of law has rapidly changed in recent times. Today, there are a number of programs that a person can avail themselves of in Los Angeles in order to avoid having a conviction on their record related to possession of drugs. Diversion is a term that is used for most first time offenders when contemplating resolving a drug possession case. This program gives the person the option of avoiding a conviction in the end and protecting their criminal record. It usually entails them doing a program and staying out of trouble for a period of time in order to earn the dismissal.

If the offender has a history of drug related activity and requires more in depth treatment then a proposition 36 in or out patient program may be the solution. In this scenario the result is not as good as diversion, however it is better than just taking a straight conviction. In this option the offender does a more intensive program depending on their level of addiction to drugs. There is drug testing and the person is closely monitored and given the necessary care to move past their drug addiction. As always, in my experience, the person actually must want to change there behavior in order to be successful.

Many prosecutors and judges do not like the fact that drug crimes are now viewed as less serious than they once were. Therefore, in my opinion, having an attorney by your side that is schooled in how the system works is imperative. A seasoned criminal defense attorney will make sure that you are able to take advantage of all of your rights and end up with the best possible result for your case. Unfortunately the court system is not your friend and if you want to get out of it as soon as possible and protect your record, you need an advocate by your side who is looking out for your best interests at all times.


If a person is actually selling drugs, then they will be treated much more harshly than a person simply in possession of them. Someone making money off the suffering of others is a receipt for disaster in the criminal defense arena. Many times the argument in a drug case revolves around whether a person has drugs for their own personal use or is making a profit in selling. It is my experience that a large portion of people are both using and selling drugs at the same time. This fact makes it difficult for the police and prosecutors to tell the difference between a user and seller when they get their hands on someone with drugs. And, they therefore will typically assume the worse and charge the person with possession for sales.

There are many different issues surrounding the possession and sale of drugs in Los Angeles County. If you find yourself in the predicament of dealing with a drug case, come and sit down with me and we will map out how to get you out of the system and back with your family and life.