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Under Section 11351 of the California Health and Safety Code, it is a felony in the State of California to possess controlled dangerous substances for the purpose of selling them to others. Controlled dangerous substances include illegal drugs (e.g., cocaine and heroin), as well as common prescription-only drugs and powerful painkillers (e.g., oxycodone, hydrocodone, and codeine).

While it may not seem like a big deal to sell prescription drugs to others that you know, the consequences can be extremely serious for selling any type of controlled dangerous substance. If you have been arrested and accused of selling drugs, you should never wait to call and discuss your case with a highly experienced criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles today.

Methods of Proving Intent to Sell Drugs

In a criminal case, the State has the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words, the prosecutor must prove a criminal case beyond a doubt based upon ordinary reason and common sense (i.e. not 100%). A criminal defendant need not prove anything or even testify at all during trial.

In drug sale cases, prosecutors must ordinarily prove that certain conditions of sale were present. These conditions of a drug sale may include one or more of the following:

  • The drugs were packaged in a manner that is easy for sales
  • The existence of scales for weighing quantities of drugs (i.e. drug paraphernalia)
  • An abundance of free cash (especially in the form of ones, fives, tens, and twenties)
  • Drivers stopping by or entering the premises and staying for only a short period of time
  • Interactions during which an individual (or group of individuals) keep moving back and forth to a covert location
  • Packages or packaging that is consistent with the size, shape, and quantity of controlled CDS
  • Large quantities of the drug or controlled substance

Any of the above – as well as other circumstances – can indicate to a prosecutor that the drugs you possessed were not for personal use but instead meant for selling.

You can also face allegations of drug sales if a police officer witnesses a transaction that they believe to be a drug deal. Another person who is arrested for drug possession can also give your name as the seller of their drugs, which can often lead to an arrest. In any situation, you always want to present any possible legal defenses to have your charges dropped or your penalties minimized. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers have helped many clients defend against a variety of drug-related charges.

Legal Penalties

Drug sale in California may result in serious criminal penalties. Upon conviction, a criminal defendant could face 2-4 years of incarceration and/or a maximum fine of $20,000.00. These penalties can be enhanced and increased in certain situations, including:

  • The drugs were allegedly sold to a minor
  • The sale took place near a school, youth center, public facilities, or a place of worship
  • You have prior drug-related convictions
  • The drug being sold was heroin
  • There are other trafficking or sales-related charges

Believe it or not, the laws related to selling drugs are beginning to change all over the country. Many people are sick and tired of hearing that all the prisons are filled with people that are involved with drugs. In California, with the passage of Proposition 64, marijuana cultivation and sales are now misdemeanors and do not carry the same harsh penalties they once did. Other drugs are still being prosecuted as felonies if the person is selling or possessing them to sell. However, there are many options that can be available depending on the circumstances of your case, the amounts involved and your prior criminal record. I invite you to sit down in the privacy of my office and discuss your options and the best strategy related to your case.

Drug Defense Strategies

There are approximately 40 courts in Los Angeles County and they do not all handle drug related offenses the same. There are defenses to these type of charges that can be utilized so that you end up with a result that you can live with. For example, illegal stops, searches of person, searches of cars and searches of homes can be challenged depending on the circumstances of the police’s ability to stop and search a person. Not all defenses apply to every case and your best process is to meet with an attorney that has been down the road you are about to travel and had a successful result for their clients. Once you are armed with the knowledge of what the best strategy for your case should be, you can then figure out what you can do to assist your attorney and have a feeling of comfort in know what direction your case will be heading and an idea of what type of an outcome you should expect.

I make it a point to be honest and straight forward with my clients related to their criminal case so that there are no surprises. If you know what you are facing, then you can prepare for it and feel comfortable that you are in good hands and will end up with the best result. It is the fear of the unknown that makes the experience of defending a criminal case a very difficult one to deal with. But when you know what you are up against and have the right attorney in your corner, you will be satisfied in knowing that you will be treated fairly by the system.

Contact a Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney

Drug sales are serious criminal charges and you need an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney by your side throughout your case. An experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney may be able to assist you with obtaining a dismissal, a plea bargain, or a criminal probation, as opposed to extended jail time.

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