Drug Trafficking

Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Lawyer


As you may or may not know, there has been a war on drugs since the early 1980’s and there have been many harsh laws passed over the years that have sent people to prison for many years based on societies and political bias against drug trafficking. I have been fighting and negotiating these cases for 25 years and know the history of drug defense and prosecution all over the nation. In my experience, there are very few criminal defense attorneys that have the knowledge and the expertise to properly represent their client’s in a serious drug case. Therefore, I think before you do anything related to a pending drug trafficking case, you should find an attorney that has been down the path you are about to travel and had success for their client!

When I meet with a client to discuss their case, I make it a point to educate them on the law that pertains to their factual circumstances and make sure that when they leave my office following the meeting, they have a clear idea in mind of what they are up against and what the best course of action is for them and their case. I find being honest with the client and telling them the reality of their situation is the best course of action and the proper way to handle a drug prosecution. Moreover, I find that once the client knows what they are facing and has an idea of how their case is going to be defended, they are more at ease and in the best frame of mind to make important decisions related to their case.

Not all drug cases are the same and therefore, not all approaches to these cases are done in a “cookie cutter” format. Once I have all of the details of your case that are related to you and what happened and I have your personal history, then I can help you make the right decisions for the best outcome. When it comes to these type of cases, information is power and can definitely work to your advantage. Some cases are ripe for filing search and seizure motions, while others are more appropriately fought in the jury setting. All cases and people are unique onto themselves and should be treated that way! Once we meet in the privacy of my office, we can then get down to the “nitty gritty” of how your case is going to be resolved.

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