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Being arrested for a dui in Los Angeles or anywhere for that matter is an experience that I would not wish on anyone.  Your freedom is taken away, your handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car.  Depending on the officers that arrested you, they may have not treated you well. Really what it boils down to is a loss of control.  And this is not a good feeling at all! I feel when someone hires me to defend them in a dui case, it is my job to help them take control of their life back and give them clarity on what will happen next.

The first thing you are going to want to do is begin the process of educating yourself on what you are up against.  Setting up an appointment with a local attorney that handles dui cases in the court your case is pending is a great place to start.  Go into the meeting with a list of questions and be curious to learn about the attorney you are meeting with to see if they are the right fit for you and your case.  Let the attorney tell you what the potential consequences are for what you did and help you develop a game plan for how you are going to get this situation dealt with the least amount of personal damage to you. In my opinion, you are looking for an attorney that will be straight forward and honest with you after they hear the facts of your case. You are not looking for a sales person who knows nothing about you case to tell you all the great things they might be able to do for you.



On a first dui offense the prosecutors are not as harsh and demanding as then are on subsequent dui offenses. They are more likely to give you a break if you have the right local dui attorney advocating your position. Prosecutors will consider reducing charges, penalties and even dismissing charges under the right circumstances. The key thing they are looking at is how dangerous and unsafe you were to the community at the time the police came in contact with you. They will evaluate your driving (speeding, did you get in an accident etc.), your blood alcohol level, field sobriety tests and how you interacted with the officers. Many of these things are subjective and the police are trained to write a slanted report to make sure you are convicted. This is where your attorney is all important. When I sit down with prosecutors to discuss my client’s case the first words out of my mouth will address my client’s best argument related to the specific facts of their case. And, I will point blank tell the prosecutor what we must have if they expect us to cooperate in resolving the case. They want to resolve the case, because they could not possibly take every case they file to trial. If they did, the courts would be overwhelmed and have to be shut down.

When evaluating my client’s defense in a first time dui case, I am always cognizant that the police, prosecutors and judges are politically motivated related to protecting the public from my client driving drunk again and killing someone. Therefore I have my client’s get letters from their job, church and people that know their good character so I can convince the prosecutor and judge that their behavior was an aberration that will never happen again! Further, I use the facts and circumstances of their case to convince the prosecutor and judge that they were not doing anything that would hurt another human being. Sometimes I have cases where this is not an easy argument. This is where it is important to draw on the experience I have gained from defending thousands of cases of over the past 23 years. I have seen what works and what does not work in getting the best result in a DUI case. I have traveled the path you are on time and time again and know what it takes to get you through this and out to the other side.


One thing to keep in mind is that driving in California is a privilege and not a right.  When you apply for your drivers license it is abundantly clear that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has the power and the right to take your drivers license away from you if they deem it appropriate to do so. In my experience, a private citizen who is not trained as an attorney and who has not dealt with the DMV before has little to no chance of beating them at a DMV hearing. On the other hand, an experienced dui attorney, who has won cases against the DMV knows what to look for and is the only chance a person has to be successful against the DMV and their power to restrict and suspend your driver’s license.

Unfortunately the Department of Motor Vehicles administrative hearing process is as close to a “Kangaroo Court” as I have ever seen. The hearing officers are not attorneys and they do not understand the law. Nor do they care about any law that helps the driver. They are playing prosecutor and judge at the same time, as they decide your fate regarding your driver’s license. The only chance to win the hearing is to have an attorney representing you that has beat them before and knows what it takes to box them into a corner, so they have no choice but to set aside any restrictions to your drivers license. This is not an easy task and you should not let an attorney fool you into thinking that it is cake walk to beat the DMV. Most hearings end in the person’s license being suspended. And if an attorney can win a hearing, it is not magic, it likely was won because they had a good issue that was capitalized upon.

Once you are arrested for a DUI the DMV will be notified by law enforcement of the arrest and will automatically take your license away if you do not follow certain procedures to defend your privilege to drive.  An experienced DUI attorney, that practices in Los Angeles, is obviously better equipped than you to make the right moves on your behalf. Make the phone call today and we will immediately assert your rights and make the moves to help you.


This is a good question, because I have been noticing more and more over the years that inexperienced new attorneys are trying to take cases in the DUI area. They figure that it can not be that hard to represent someone in a DUI case, so why not give it a shot. The problem with this mentality is that the client who is foolish enough to hire one of these attorneys ultimately suffers the consequences of there lack of ability and lack of knowledge on how to get a result in a Los Angeles DUI case. These fly by night attorneys do not know how to get a result for the client and if the prosecutors decide that they want to teach the person a lesson, based on what they did related to their DUI, then that person is in big trouble. The unseasoned attorney will not know what to do at that point and the client will then be punished much more harshly than normal. Over the course of the past 25 years, I have taken cases over for these clients and have then had the task of unraveling the mess created by the weak attorney. Do yourself a favor, check out the attorney you are considering hiring and make sure they have been around the block!

On the other hand, do not pay some inflated fee just because a sales person over the phone tells you how great their firm is…you better go in there and meet the attorney and do your research on who will be handling your case. We charge reasonable fees for the courts in Los Angeles, because we do many cases and are in the local courts everyday of the week. We do not believe in being unreasonable with a person just because they are scared about what will happen to their driver’s license and possibly their freedom. When you come sit down for a consultation, we will get all of the relevant facts related to your case and give you a straight forward view of what you are up against based on your particular factual situation. We understand that you are in a vulnerable position and want to help you get past it and take the easiest path possible.


In order to find a person guilty of a DUI in the State of California, the government must prove that the person:
A. Drove a vehicle AND
B. When he/she drove the vehicle, they did so under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and/or drug

The State defines “under the influence” as a person who as a result of drinking alcohol and/or taking a drug, his or her mental or physical abilities are so impaired that he or she is no longer angle to drive a vehicle with caution of a sober person, using ordinary care, under similar circumstances. Additionally, the state holds that anyone with a blood alcohol percentage (BAC) .08 or more by weight, to be intoxicated.

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