Federal Drug Crimes

Los Angeles Federal Drug Crimes Attorney


It is serious business when the federal government comes in and arrests a person for drug related offenses. Depending on the quantity of drugs, the subject person could be looking a ten year mandatory minimum sentence served at eighty five percent of the time. Further, if a gun was involved, the same individual could be facing an additional five years in federal prison. The bottom line is, that if you are in this situation, you must speak to a savvy seasoned federal criminal defense attorney who is familiar with exactly how to deal with and defend these type of cases. This is not the time to just pick any old attorney. You should check out the attorney’s credentials, experience and go and meet with them face to face to get a feel for who you are dealing with. There is no question that the right attorney can and will make a difference in the results of your case.

When I begin the process of investigating drug related federal offenses, I typically see phone wire taps being utilized in order to establish the necessary grounds to stop, search and arrest those involved. As you might guess there are certain requirements that must be adhered to by the government in order to obtain these type of warrants. Moreover, in order to stop and search vehicles or go into people’s homes, there must be sufficient probable cause to support such actions. These are some of the types of issues that are evaluated in the process of defending a drug related offense. There are man more issues that can be triggered in a federal criminal prosecutor that are too numerous to list here.

The best way to evaluate and successfully defend a drug related crime is to set up a consultation with me and we can go over all of the specific facts related to your case. Not all cases are the same and not all issues are triggered in every single case. In other words, defending federal criminal charges typically spins on the facts related to the individual client and not on some “cookie cutter” formula that is used in every case. Many times I have people coming into my office wanting to file all kinds of motions that do not have anything to do with their case or circumstances. The best way to determine the best defense strategy is to give your attorney all of the facts that you know about your case, answer all of their questions honestly and then let them figure out the most appropriate actions to take to defend you.