Dear Potential Client,

The Hedding Law firm is one of the longest running criminal defense firms in Los Angeles.  I have  painstakingly written every word on this website and am convinced that I can help you bring your criminal matter to a successful resolution.  For the past 25 years I have dedicated myself to defending my clients through preparation, skill and perseverance.

You will see from the information below that I am a well rounded criminal defense attorney who has forged my experience in the trenches of the California State courts and Federal courts all over the nation.  I have worked for a Superior Court judge, the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office, the State Bar of California and as the guiding force of the Hedding Law Firm for many years.  I am proud to say that I still enjoy the practice of law and there is nothing sweeter than achieving a victory for one of my clients!

After you have had an opportunity to check out my credentials, ratings, reviews and videos, I encourage you to take the first step in putting your criminal defense case behind you.  Make the call and set up a face to face meeting with me, so we can begin the process of mapping out how your case will be defended and what the quickest path out of the criminal justice system is for you and your interests.

I understand the anxiety that attaches to a criminal case and am here to guide you through the court system and help you make the right decisions that will guard your freedom, rights reputation and criminal record.  It is crucial that you get an advocate on your side as soon as possible and make sure your interests are immediately protected and that you make the right moves from the beginning in a sometimes unforgiving system.  I am here to help and use all of my resource to defend you.

Deciding which Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to choose for your matter could mean the difference between incarceration and freedom.  A wrong decision could literally ruin a person’s life.  So below I give you some of the credentials that I believe set us apart from other law firms.  The following are hard facts that few attorneys can match:

“One of the longest running criminal defense firms in Los Angeles” – established over 20 years ago, the Hedding Law Firm is one of the longest running and respected Law Firms in L.A.

Former Commissioner for the State Bar of California –  related to Judicial Nominees Evaluation – Ronald Hedding was part of a 38 person commission tasked with evaluating potential judges for the Governor of California. As a State Bar of California JNE Commissioner Mr. Hedding investigated and rated many judicial candidates for the Governor and has gained much knowledge and respect as part of the process in selecting judges in the State of California.

Research Attorney for a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge – Early in his career Mr. Hedding worked directly for a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles County.  He assisted the judge in researching cases that where pending in his court and in drafting rulings on motions.  This experience gave him crucial incite regarding how the process of dealing with a case is handled from the inside.

Author of The Art of the Perfect Defense “Your Essential Guide to Criminal Defense in Los Angeles” – a book written to provide useful practical information related to hiring an attorney in Los Angeles County and explaining the intricacies of L.A.s massive criminal court system.

Recognized by the Los Angeles Times among the Top 5% of Attorneys in L.A. – In the 2012 edition of the Los Angeles Times, Ronald D. Hedding was named one of the Top Rated Lawyers in Southern California.

Named to the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers – The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register is limited to only the most distinguished law practices; those that have achieved the AV rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.  The “A” signifies the highest level of legal ability, while the “V” denotes “very high” adherence to the professional standards of conduct, ethics, reliability and diligence.

Southern California Super Lawyers – named Mr. Hedding a rising star in 2005 in the practice field of Criminal Defense for Los Angeles County.

Presidential Pardon by George Bush – one of the few attorneys in the state of California to receive a pardon from a sitting president of the United States on behalf of one of his Los Angeles based clients.

Named Top 100 Trial Lawyers – In 2014 Mr. Hedding was named one of the top trial attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers.  This honor sets him apart as one of the very best criminal defense attorneys.

Awarded 2014 Ten Best Attorneys Client Satisfaction Award – by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.

Nearly 25 years of litigating and learning about criminal cases – Mr. Hedding started his pursuit of being the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles nearly 25 years ago and has never looked back.

Respected member of the Association of Trial Lawyers for nearly 20 years – dedicated to the preservation of the adversary system, to trial by jury, to train in all fields and phases of advocacy, to advance the science of jurisprudence and to promote the administration of justice for the public good.

Superb Rating by AVVO – one of the highest rated attorneys in avvo both by clients and other attorneys nationwide.

Named Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year – by the Editorial Staff of the Consumer Business Review.

Worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office – Over 20 years ago Mr. Hedding litigated cases on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office in the East Los Angeles Courthouse.

A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau

*Come and sit down for a face to face consultation with one of our experienced attorneys who have handled criminal matters all over the Nation. I will give you a straight forward assessment of your case and help you design a plan to deal with your criminal matter.