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This is obviously an important question if you have a criminal case pending in the Glendale Courthouse. Finding an attorney is not easy and if you have never been in trouble before, how would you know what key information you need to choose an attorney. The answer to this question is of course based in common sense. First, and foremost, you need an attorney that has successfully handled cases in the court where your case is pending. Further, it makes sense that you would hire an attorney that has a good reputation dealing with the judge and prosecutor in the courtroom where your case will be heard. The attorney we are talking about is someone who is “local” to the courthouse in Glendale. That does not necessarily mean the attorney you will hire has an office in Glendale…it runs much deeper than that. The attorney you hire must know how to fight, win, negotiate and maneuver a criminal case in the Glendale system.

In 1997, I tried a high profile six defendant murder case in the Glendale court system with five of the best criminal defense attorneys in the city of Los Angeles. It was at this point that I got a true understanding of what it takes to be successful in the Glendale court system. The District Attorney’s Office is set up similar to a successful business. There are approximately one thousand prosecutors in Los Angeles County and there is a hierarchy of power in the Da’s Office that must be dealt with if you, as a defense attorney, want to achieve the best result for your client. Only a criminal attorney with experience, savvy and skill could hope to succeed against an opponent like this.

Your next move should be to get a list of questions together for your would be attorney that will help you get to the bottom of whether they are the best fit to help you or your loved one. Go meet with the attorney face to face and get a real sense of what they are all about. Believe it or not, the key thing I have found that makes the best criminal defense attorneys is likability, plain and simple. Remember, this person you hire is going to be your champion with the judge and prosecutor. If they are likable and know what they are doing, you will end up with the best result possible under the facts of your case. This is what you should be shooting for in your criminal case. So, if you sit down with the attorney, and you like them and you do your research on whether they have the credentials to litigate your case the right way, then you have done your homework and can make an educated decision on who to hire. If, on the other hand, you do not like the attorney or meet with some case manager, you should be out of that office quick.

I am happy to sit down with you an go over your case, with an eye towards helping you devise a plan to be successful and get out of the criminal system! Contact us now!