Health Care Fraud

Los Angeles Health Care Fraud Attorney


Healthcare Fraud, also known as Medi-Cal/Medicare Fraud, is a complicated and burgeoning area of criminal defense. Lately, with the massive amounts of changes made to the current healthcare standards in this country, the process of providing and properly billing healthcare recipients has become complicated. As a result, innocent people may be accused of healthcare fraud when they genuienely believed they were performing their jobs or responsibilities ethically. Healthcare Fraud is often seen when billings have been sent for services rendered to the wrong individual, or when the services were never rendered in the first place. Additionally, billing patients for more expensive procedures than what they have received has come under federal notice as well. As the government has made prosecuting this area of law a priority, it is important that anyone charged with this offense should seek the counsel of experienced attorney as soon as they can.


The short answer to this question is to say nothing to authorities and immediately consult with a criminal defense attorney that is sophisticated in defending health care fraud related offenses. I have met with and defended many cases related to health care fraud allegations and have rarely seen an occasion when it is a good idea to talk with law enforcement before speaking with your own attorney, that is equipped with all of the facts related to your situation.

In today’s political world, I am seeing these type cases prosecuted more and more. The government is paying millions of dollars related to health care in America and they have a vested interest in making sure the money is not being fraudulently taken. They have teams of agents in every major city in America investigating health care fraud cases and prosecuting people to the full extent of the law. Many times when the state or federal authorities sweep in on a case, they throw out too broad of a net and capture individuals that should not be prosecuted. In this scenario, the best option the person has is to hire a savvy criminal attorney immediately. Just doing nothing and hoping it will all go away is not a good strategy and you will pay a costly price for inaction. Even in cases where the particular person is guilty of the crime, they should still hire a good attorney to defend them. Punishments are not locked in cement and there is flexibility depending on the person’s criminal record, job situation, family situation and level of involvement in the alleged offense.

When I assist clients with health care fraud related cases, I sit down with them and get all of the facts related to the case. I then ask them a series of questions related to their circumstances and my experience in defending these type of case. Further, I answer all of their questions related to the investigation or charges. I then discuss with them a plan that I believe will work best for them. Once we have an agreement on exactly how to handle their case, I then set about defended them in a swift and professional manner. I think one of the first crucial things that people walk out of my office with is a game plan. In other words they know which direction their case is headed, what they can do to help themselves and have an idea of what they are facing. With this sense of control back and piece of mind, I usually see a sense of relief from my client and they are happy they took the bull by the horns and began the process of getting their life back!


The Department of Insurance in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Office and Attorney General’s Office are on a crusade to stop Workers Compensation fraud and the literally billions of dollars it costs the government. They are cracking down on the entities that are not properly designating workers and creating companies that are used to cloak workers and their status from the government. The government is akin to the mafia when it comes to collecting their money. If they do not get paid what they feel they are entitled to, they will send out their agents to investigate and arrest those individuals reaping profits and not sharing with the government.

These agents that work for the Department of Insurance have guns, badges and the ability to use the full weight of the law to get what they want. They will execute search warrants, seize documents, computers and a whole host of other information related to these businesses they believe are masking information and funds related to employees from the government. They have the ability to seize bank accounts and freeze assets all over the United States. Many times I have seen these agencies barking up the wrong tree as they investigate and literally ruin people’s businesses. But whether they are barking up the wrong tree or not, they have the ability to do serious damage to your business and your reputation and cost you thousands of dollars under the code of authority of the Department of Insurance.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has their own healthcare fraud section that is staffed by prosecutors, investigators and support staff. And, they work hand in hand with the California Department of Insurance in investigating Workers Compensation Fraud and a whole host of other healthcare related fraud cases. It is important that if you are being investigated by these bodies of government, you hire an attorney who has experience in defending healthcare fraud cases and is familiar with how the specific government agency you are dealing with will investigate and prosecute your case. Trying to deal with this type of investigation yourself will frustrate you and likely make a bad situation worse.

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