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In order to put yourself in the best position when it comes to defending an insurance fraud case, you must find an attorney that has successfully handled these type of cases and been down the road you are about to travel. In my experience, the District Attorney’s Office will usually assign their most sophisticated prosecutors to deal with these cases. You must have a defense attorney who is equally sophisticated and knows how to defend and / or negotiate these type of cases. Insurance fraud cases spin on their own facts and there is no “cookie cutter” solution for all of these cases. It will be your attorney’s job to find the solution that works best for you, based on your background, what you are claimed to have done wrong and the financial damage that you are alleged to have caused.

When I defend these cases, I start by meeting with the client in my office and having them lay out all of the facts related to their case. I impress upon the client that they tell me the truth and do not omit any facts that are relevant to the case. Arming your attorney with all of the the information related to your case is definitely in your best interest. Even if there is bad information out there about you, your attorney must be informed so he or she can most effectively deal with it. You put your attorney at a huge disadvantage when you hide or omit facts. Eventually the prosecutor will seize on these facts and use them against you at the worst possible time. If your attorney is not privy to the facts until it is too late, then you will ultimately suffer the consequences of the non-disclosure.

All and all, I think the most important thing that I do for my clients is arm them with information and a plan of attack…this tends to give them peace of mind and a vision of how they will be able to get past this case and through to the other side!


Fraud can be found when a person knowingly lies to obtain a benefit or an advantage that they are otherwise entitled to, or when they knowingly deny a rightful benefit to another. Insurance fraud can arise in many different forms, but requires that one knowingly attempt to defraud an insurance company, is successful in that act, with the actual intent to defraud. For insurance, this usually means that the party is attempting a form of property fraud, or employment fraud, based upon benefits that they could receive should their claim be legitimate. This is a very political charge, as insurance companies possess significant amounts of power and capital, and finding oneself on the other side of this can be a challenging position. Proving that a party had specific intent to defraud is absolutely necessary, and a strong reason that someone faced with these charges should contact a defense attorney immediately. I have over 25 years of experience defending my clients from charges of fraud. Contact my office right away for a free consultation, and we can set about planning a strong defense.

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