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We specialize in handling criminal matters in Los Angeles County both at the state and federal level. As you might guess, Los Angeles is one of the best places to practice criminal defense in the world. The history of interesting and dramatic cases stretches back many years and the cities legacy is one that movies have been made out of for many years. I have been lucky enough to have had a multifaceted career and met and interacted with great clients, judges and prosecutors. I truly enjoy what I do.  When I started practicing law I realized that my talents were best suited to do criminal law and I have done everything I possibly could over the course of the past 25 years to make sure that I mastered this area of the law.

L.A. courthouses stretch from Lancaster to the North all the way to Long Beach in the South. From Malibu in the West, all the way to Pomona in the East. With nearly 40 courthouses, Los Angeles is has a criminal court system that houses so of the top criminal defense attorneys in the world. The things you see on television, about crime, pale in comparison to what is really going in a city like Los Angeles.  I can not think of a better place to practice criminal defense. Over the years I have literally defended thousands of cases for my clients and loved every minute of it!

We are experts in criminal cases such as aiding and abetting, assault with a deadly weapon, battery against an officer, burglary, child endangerment, criminal threats, drug crimes, drug sales, domestic violence, embezzlement, assault, battery, brandishing a weapon, carjacking, child pornography, DUI, drug possession, drug trafficking, law enforcement officer’s defense, evading arrest, expungement, extortion, federal drug crimes, federal crimes, health care fraud, hit and run, insurance fraud, identity theft, juvenile crimes, kidnapping, voluntary & involuntary manslaughter, murder & attempted murder, obstruction of justice, petty theft, probation violation, prescription drug crimes, receiving stolen property, restraining orders, sex crimes, robbery, sex offender registry, solicitation of prostitution, statutory rape, spousal abuse, statutory rape, three strike crimes, theft, vehicular manslaughter, violent crimes, weapon offenses, warrants, white collar crimes, wire fraud, weapon offenses and workers compensation frauds.


My father began practicing law in the 1970’s and has always been respected by his clients and the players within the court system.  He is a solid man with a wonderful work ethic, stellar reputation and a heart of gold when it comes to clients.  Some years ago we joined forces and my father actually agreed to assist in my firm and we have never looked back.  It is such a proud feeling to go to courthouses across Los Angeles and hear judges, prosecutors and court staff speak so highly of him and indicate they genuinely like him as a person.

When I started practicing law I was determined to be the best possible criminal defense attorney I could be, so I could achieve results for my clients that no one else could.  In the early 1990’s I worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and got a bird’s eye view of how they investigate, prepare and prosecute cases.  I worked in their East Los Angeles Branch and there was a lot of crime going on at the time and I therefore was able to gain much experience which has served me well over the years in my dealings with prosecutors and judges in my criminal defense practice.  Many of the prosecutors who I worked along side of, ended up trying cases against when I became a criminal defense attorney. Further, I have appear in front of my colleagues who have also become judges in Los Angeles.  Though Los Angeles is a huge city, the criminal court system is small and everyone knows who the top attorneys are.

Following my stint with the District Attorney’s Office I worked for a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge in the Burbank Courthouse.  I was his right hand man and assisted him in formulating has rulings, researching cases and running his law and motion calendar.  The experience I gained working for this judge gave me incite that few attorneys have in the L.A. court system.  Knowing how judges evaluated their cases, has given me the ability to frame my arguments and motions in such a way that they hit on issues that I know judges understand and respect.  If the judge in a criminal case respects the defense attorney, it has been my experience that they will listen to what they say and the client will reap the benefits of this respect.

In 1994, I decided that I had the experience and desire to open my own criminal defense practice and have never looked back.  I have been battling it out for my clients ever since.  When I started I tried every case I could get me hands on and enjoyed every minute of it.  I did not care much for the business end of criminal defense, I wanted to test my skills against the best and be a champion for my clients. The experience of trying case after case has honed me into a well rounded seasoned criminal defense attorney and I believe I truly have something to bring to the table when it comes to helping my clients make the right decisions in a criminal case.  When you have seen the results of fighting cases and how juries evaluate evidence this gives you invaluable incite that is crucial for clients trying to figure out the best course of action in their case.

We are here to guide you through a sometimes unyielding court system and protect your rights, freedom and reputation!  We do this through good old fashion hard work, the connections that we have built up over many successful years of practice and a can do attitude. Call us at (866) 986-2092 for immediate free consultation, or fill out online contact form.