Prescription Drug Crimes

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Illegally possessing or selling prescription medication is taken very seriously by the authorities and can come with some severe consequences. Of course, every case spins on its own facts and circumstances and not all cases should or will be treated the same. More and more cases involving people who are addicted to drugs can be mitigated down to less serious offenses and eventually dismissed to keep the subject person’s record clean and protect their future. However, those who are perceived to be selling prescription medication will obviously be treated much harsher than an addict, because they are viewed as taking advantage of vulnerable people and profiting at the expense of another. Further, they are messing around with controlled substances that could be dangerous to human life. Sometimes the person arrested fits in the middle of the above descriptions and it will be up to their advocate to convince the powers that be to view them in a favorable light.

There are always circumstances in a person’s life that lead them to make mistakes that must be taken into account before anyone passes judgment on them. It is the job of the criminal defense attorney to make sure that their client is treated fairly and their story is portrayed in the most favorable light to the prosecutor and judge. I would encourage you to come and sit down in the privacy of my office so we can begin the process of developing a plan to put your criminal case behind you and get you moving in the right direction. Picking up the phone and taking the first step in resolving your matter is a step that will forever change your life. No one wants a criminal case hanging over their head and some of the consequences that follow a conviction in a criminal case can be averted if you have the right attorney on your side!


In order to convict a defendant of selling prescription drugs, the government must prove that…
1) He agreed or offered to sell, transport or administer, a prescription drug AND
2) When the defendant made the offer, they intended to follow through with it.

Selling means the exchange of the substance for any value while transporting refers to moving the prescription drug any distance. Administering is defined as either administering the substance directly to a third party or by any other means, causing that person to use the substance. Call Hedding Law Firm at (866) 986-2092, or use online contact form.