Receiving Stolen Property

Los Angeles Receiving Stolen Property Attorney


A receiving stolen property charge is a criminal case that should definitely be taken seriously and based on the state of law, a solid criminal defense attorney should be able to get you a result that protects your record and freedom. Recently, new laws have been passed that can be utilized in many of these cases to reduce them to misdemeanors and keep people out of jail. Of course the result you end up with depends on the amount of the loss to the victim, your prior criminal record and of the attorney that you chose to represent you. There are a number of things you can do to protect your self right now!

What I typically like to do is sit down with the potential client face to face and figure out exactly what we can realistically obtain under the facts and circumstances of their case. Not all defendants in a receiving stolen property case can expect to achieve the same thing. People with spotless records and low value items are going to be treated differently than those who have high dollar items and a bad record. There are many different variations of where a person can find themselves. However, in my experience one thing always remains the same…you must have an advocate by your side that knows what they are doing and has successfully traveled down the path you are about to embark on.

Who you are as a person and your life story must be put in front of the judge in order to obtain a result you can live with. Sometimes the prosecutors and judge only look at your criminal behavior and do not look at you as a person who has a family, career and life to live. I make it my personal mission to give them all of the best information about you, so before they pass judgment on you they have the full picture and you are treated fairly and can move on to a successful life. I am your voice and make sure that you are represented well!y

In order to be convicted of receiving stolen property, the government must prove that…
1) The defendant received the stolen property
2) When the defendant received the stolen property, they knew that it had been stolen AND
3) The defendant actually knew that they had received the stolen property.
The Government defines stolen property as any property that is obtained by any type of theft, robbery or burglary. This would also apply to any property that is obtained through extortion. Extortion is found when a person gives property to another, with their consent, and who used force or fear to obtain that consent.

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