Restraining Orders

Los Angeles Restraining Order Attorney


A restraining order hearing should not be taken lightly. A superior court judge has a lot of power to issue orders that can impact you now and into the future. I always recommend hiring an attorney to represent your best interests when it comes to defending a restraining order hearing. You should find an attorney that is familiar with defending restraining order cases and has done cases in the court where your matter is pending.

In my experience over the past 25 years, I find that I use a combination of negotiating and litigation skills in dealing with these cases. Sometimes it is in my client’s best interest to resolve a case by way of a resolution, while other times we actually have to litigate the matter and let the judge decide. There is not a “cookie cutter” way of deal with these cases every time. Each case has its own facts and circumstances and must be evaluated as such.

If the case is litigated, then what I call a mini-trial is conducted and the judge hears evidence from both sides and then decides what the appropriate course of action that needs to be taken. Trying to litigate a restraining order hearing is not advisable. Cases can be won or lost on what you say and the way you say it. Of course the facts related to the particular situation are important, however, those facts are typically in dispute and the judge is left to evaluate the credibility of each side and use his or her common sense to make a final decision.

If you have a restraining order pending that you either want to fight or believe can be negotiated to a successful resolution, give me a call and we can discuss the matter. We can determine whether this is something I can help you with or you can deal with yourself. I can quote you a fee to handle the case depending on exactly what I can do to help you. Call us at (866) 986-2092, or fill out online contact form.