San Fernando Courthouse – “Wisdom from a Local Insider”


San Fernando Courthouse 900 Third Street
San Fernando, CA 91340


In the nearly 25 years that I have been practicing criminal law, I would say that the San Fernando court system probably sits about in the middle as far as harshness goes in the courthouses throughout Los Angeles County. The prosecutors and judges are fair and I personally have not had any problems resolving cases that should be resolved and getting cases dismissed that should be dismissed. There are a number of courthouses is L.A. that I can not say the same about. Hence, if you have a criminal case pending in San Fernando, there is definitely hope for you. The key is that you have to figure out what a realistic goal is for your particular situation and then find the right attorney to execute the plan of action.

Finding an attorney that is local to the San Fernando court is imperative to your success in this criminal justice system. Each courthouse has it own internal processes and the prosecutors and judges that staff the court will be pivotal in resolving a case. If the attorney does not know the procedures in a particular court, their client will inevitably suffer the consequences of the attorney’s inexperience. This is why I always offer free consultations to prospective clients. I figure half the battle is knowing what you are up against and educating yourself before proceeding down a path. I take pride in the hard work that I have put in to built connections and knowledge related to the San Fernando court system…and I do not have a problem sharing it with someone who genuinely will listen and needs my help. This courthouse is one of my favorites and I take pleasure in handling cases there and interacting will the people that dispense justice in San Fernando criminal court.


First and foremost, I have to say that this courthouse is one of my favorite to handle criminal cases in the forty courts in Los Angeles County. The prosecutors and judges are reasonable and deal with cases in a fair manner. The jury pool is somewhat conservative, but I have had great success in winning cases in this jurisdiction. If I have a good argument going into the trial, then I feel like I can win in this courthouse. Unfortunately, I can not say the same for some of the other courthouses in Los Angeles. I have seen judges and prosecutors try and manipulate the outcome of cases inappropriately in some of the other courts and am thankful that this type of behavior is not typical in San Fernando.

So the answer to the question above is that you can expect to be given a fair shake in the San Fernando Courthouse. However, in my experience, in order to receive the right treatment, you must have an attorney that knows his or her way around the courthouse and the players within the system. I have spent many years developing relationships and learning how the system works and feel confident to say that those who know a courthouse well, have a distinct advantage over those attorneys who are just trying to wing it. Therefore, do your homework and go and meet your prospective attorney face to face with a list of questions. I stand at the ready to educate you on the San Fernando Courthouse and discuss your case and a successful resolution to it.


The San Fernando Courthouse is one of my favorite courthouses in Los Angeles County. I have been defending my client’s there since the early 1990’s and have developed a great working relationship with the courthouse staff. If you have a criminal case pending in the San Fernando Superior court, I offer to meet with you and educate you on how the system works, what the tendencies of the judges and prosecutors are and to give you a full overview of what you can do to help yourself and how an attorney like me can resolve your case in the most positive way possible. My aim is to keep my client’s out of jail, preserve their good record and put together a game plan to keep their good name and move forward in a positive direction! Freedom from the criminal system is a phone call away (866) 986-2092.

This particular courthouse, in my experience, is one that a seasoned local criminal defense attorney can achieve results that are better than in many of the other courthouses. The make-up of the system (the judges and prosecutors) is extremely fair and I have achieved unbelievable results, time and time again. Of course, every case spins on its own facts, but having a local attorney that has been down the road you are about to embark upon is of chief importance and can make the difference between freedom and jail, a criminal record and a clean record and many other potential ramifications related to a criminal charge.


It is undisputed that the San Fernando court system is known for being particularly harsh when it comes to the sale of drugs, possession of weapons and sex crime cases. That is not to say that they are not harsh on other crimes, but these are the ones they seem to really target in on. They assign special prosecutors to individuals who are charged with these crimes and make an effort to put persons charged with these offenses in prison. This is where you can seriously benefit from a savvy local defense attorney that knows the “ins and outs” of the San Fernando court system and has successfully handled cases like yours. You do not want a new attorney or an attorney that has never done cases in this courthouse. I invite you to sit down with me for a discussion about your unique situation and I will educate you and assist you with designing a plan to get you out of the criminal system. Call (866) 986-2092 or fill out online contact form now!


Not Guilt Verdict in Murder Case – after a two week jury trial my client was found not guilty of murder in the San Fernando Court system.  The defense was arguing that the case was a vehicular manslaughter case and the prosecutor believed that she could prove murder against my client.  The jury came back and it was a defense victory.  The client avoided a 15 years to life sentence and was appropriately punished for what she did, not what the prosecutors felt was the right sentence.

This case involved a high speed chase in the San Fernando Valley and ended with a death and some serious injuries.  The client was in an argument with her significant other and had allegedly threatened to kill the lover.  After a high speed pursuit, reaching speeds over 100 mph everything ended in a tragic accident.  There was not intent to kill and the defense was able to show the client’s conduct did not amount to “wanton disregard” for human life, and therefore the prosecutors could not sustain a murder conviction.

Case Dismissed by a San Fernando Judge after defense is successful in proving an Illegal Stop by the Police – The client was pulled over and ended up being charged with a serious crime and was facing severe consequences.  However the police’s only justification for the pull over was because the client had paper dealer plates on the back of his car.  The police believed that many people in the area where stealing cars and putting paper plates on them in order to avoid police detection.

The defense argued that this was not a valid reason to stop a car.  There are many people who lawfully purchase cars in Los Angeles and while they are driving around with the dealer plates, they should not be subjected to being stopped by the police.  Ultimately the judge did not believe this was a lawful reason to pull the client over and the entire case ended up being dismissed.


My client was facing many years is prison following his arrest for Possession for Sales of Drugs in the San Fernando Courthouse. He had two prior strikes on his criminal record. The prosecutor would not budge on their prison offer and had indicated that they would not give my client a break even though there was evidence and information available to show that he did not deserve another chance. Once I approached the judge in charge of the case and explained to her the mitigating circumstances surrounding my client’s arrest and life, she was willing to give him a chance to succeed. She gave him a deal that kept him out of custody and gave him a chance to do a live in drug program and suspended prison time over his head.

As of the writing of this post, it has been over 2 years since the resolution of the case. The client has a stable job for the first time in many years and is a productive member of society. We recently appeared in court and the judge commended him for a job well done. This is a great example that supports the argument that everything is not always what meets the eye and that people can change for the better if they are given an opportunity.