Spousal Abuse

Los angeles Spousal Abuse Lawyer


As you might guess, spousal abuse charges can really damage your reputation in the community, give you a criminal record and cause you to be punished in ways that you will not like. As obvious as it sounds, you should set up an appointment with an attorney that is familiar with spousal abuse cases and has appeared in the courthouse where your case is pending. There is no substitute for experience and local connections when it comes to achieving the best result!

Over the course of the past 25 years of practicing in the area of spousal abuse, I have seen the law change and the attitudes of police, prosecutors and judges shift in a way that is not favorable to persons charged with this crime. There are many political pressures that have come to bare on the people entrusted with dealing with these cases. In order to combat this alarm harsh shift, defense attorneys like me, who know the political landscape, must evaluate the situation and determine whether your case should be fought or resolved. If it should be resolved, then there are a number of things that must be done in order to protect your rights and lesson the consequences these charges can bring. If on the other hand, the case is going to proceed to trial, then there is an investigation protocol that must be followed in order to be in the best position to get the result you desire and put you back in good standing.

It is my practice to have the client come into my office and meet under the cloak of the attorney client privilege and really get down to the “nitty gritty” related to their case and situation. Many times the circumstances surrounding a spousal abuse case are complicated and there is more than meets the eye. The police do not typically have the time or patience to adequately look into both sides of the story. They instead jump to quick conclusions and then investigate the case from their slanted perspective. They do not try and present both sides of the story to the prosecutors. They instead draw a conclusion and then get the evidence they think they need to support it. Thus ignoring other evidence which could help the accused. This is one of the big reasons there are defense attorneys. We are the ones who represent you and your side of the story. We are your voice and we must be prepared to represent you the right way!

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