Statutory Rape

Los Angeles Statutory Rape Attorney


It likely goes without saying that if you are facing any type of rape or sex related charges, you should say nothing to law enforcement and hire a local Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to defend you. Many people try and talk their way out of a situation or fall prey to police tactics that cajole them into talking. This is never a good idea because things can be taken out of context and coercive tactics can be used to obtain statements that can later be used to prosecute and convict a person of very serious crimes. The police are in the competitive business of ferreting out crime and they believe it is there job to get the person they are targeting.

In my experience, statutory rape is a crime that is not prosecuted every single time. The police and prosecutors are going to closely evaluate a number of important factors before they charge a crime of this magnitude. They know that sex related offenses can be devastating to a person’s reputation, job, family and standing in the community. Further, they will look at how old the participants are, how close they are in age, whether the encounter was consensual and a host of other key factors in making their decision as whether to file a criminal case or not.

This is why it is critical that if a person is charged with or being investigated for statutory rape or any sexually related offense, they get to work on finding an attorney to represent them and get there story across to the proper authorities and put together a strategy that makes sense for the particular situation. With sex registration, loss freedom and damage to reputation on the line, there is not room for error.

When I meet with people charged with sex related offenses, I sit down with them and get all of the relevant information, answer all of their questions and try and make sure that when they leave my office we have a plan in place to best defend them and make sure that their interests are protected to the full extent available to them. One of my goals is to give you a piece of mind and some control back in your life. I want you to know what the plan is moving forward, what you can do to help yourself and what a likely outcome will be in your case. This usually makes people feel much better about themselves and their situation. Call us at (866) 986-2092 or fill out online contact form.