Three Strike Crimes

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If you or someone you care about has a case that involves them being charged with a strike offense, you need the assistance of the best criminal defense attorney you can find.  It must sometimes take the act of Congress to convince the prosecutor or judge to get rid of a strike for purposes of giving a client a better resolution in a criminal case.  I have been dealing with strike cases in Los Angeles since the passage of the law and the battle that ensued all the way up the the United States Supreme Court.

Make no mistake about it, to deal with the most serious situations, you must have an attorney at your side that has traveled the road you are about to embark on and been successful.  I can tell you everything about why and how the three strikes law came to pass.  And, I can tell you how I have gotten around it time and time again.

The three strikes law, created in 1994, was created for the purpose of trying to prevent people from continuously committing crimes.

Before the law was created, prison population was up 400% and greatly decreased after the three strikes law came into effect although overcrowding still remains an issue.


When the “Three Strikes” law was first enacted and implemented, only the prosecutor’s had the power and authority to strike a strike and give a person a deal that did not involve multiple years in prison. However, as you might guess judges and defense attorney did not like the fact that the prosecutors had so much power and discretion. Soon an appeals court ruled that judges also have the power and ability to strike a strike for purposes of resolving a criminal case. There have been a few other refinements to the law over the years, but the bottom line is that both the prosecutor and judge can strike a strike and it is up to your attorney to get them to do it! Only the most seasoned experienced attorneys should handle strike case, because they know what needs to be done to obtain a favorable resolution for their client.

The way three strikes law works is that if you are convicted of a violent felony, you get a strike on your record. Then, if you are convicted of a second criminal offense, whether violent or non-violent, you will get a second strike and your prison sentenced can be doubled from the original sentence the second crime carries. If you have two strikes, and are convicted of crime, even if it’s a simple assault, because of the three strikes law, you can be facing life in prison.

Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in LA

Most crimes that are counted as a strike on your criminal record are murder, assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault, rape, child molestation, drug trafficking, drug transportation, drug sales, burglary, auto theft, carjacking, domestic violence just to name a few.

Our Criminal Attorneys have the experience and skill to handle all cases in the arena of criminal defense. We do everything we can to avoid prison, especially a life sentence if you are facing a third strike and we provide dedicated representation to get the job done.

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