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3 Tips Hiring Attorney



When deciding which attorney you are going to hire to represent you related to a pending criminal case in Los Angeles County, there are a number of important considerations.  Like any problem in life, a step by step logical approach is typically the best strategy when making such an important decision.  First, you have to meet face to face with the prospective attorney.  This way you can really get a feel for the type of person they are and how they come across.  Realize that they will be the one representing your interests to the prosecutor, judge and potentially a jury.  Therefore if you don’t feel comfortable with the attorney’s presentation or approach, then in all likelihood, neither will anyone else that comes into contact with them.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind relates to with meeting with your potential attorney.  As you meet with your attorney, make sure you tell them the truth about what happened.  If you twist the facts or add things that are not necessarily true, you only do yourself a disservice and put your attorney behind the eight ball from the beginning.  Once the attorney has all of the straight information, then they will be in a position to best advise you and let you know about potential pitfalls related to your case.  If you slant the truth, then the attorney will be under a false impression of what actually transpired and it will end up effecting your bottom line outcome in a negative way.

Once you hire the attorney, then you should listen to their advice.  If you are not going to listen to their advice, then you should not have hired them in the first place.  Don’t listen to people that do not have all of the facts of your case at their finger tips and are relying on limited information to advise you.  These people may mean well, but if they do not have all of the information or worse yet, do not have the education, background and experience to properly advise you, then you will be wasting your time and effort and relying on bad information.  If you are satisfied your attorney is a savvy veteran, then trust them and let them do their work.  If you want to get a second opinion, then tell your lawyer that and let the lawyer speak to the other person so that the attorney can communicate what the problems are and the other party can make an informed evaluation.

Ronald Hedding ESQ, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney