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Los Angeles Jails


If you or a loved one is charged with a crime and in custody in one of the Los Angeles County jail facilities, it is a good idea to hire a local criminal defense attorney to go down and talk to them about their case and a plan to defend themselves. It is not a good idea for a family member or friend to go and talk to the inmate, because the conversation will be recorded and could potentially be used against the person in trouble. On the other hand, when an attorney talks to a client or potential client, anything they say is protected by the attorney client privilege and can not be used against the person in custody. It is well known by seasoned attorneys that all the Sheriffs have to do is plug in a person’s booking number into their system and they can get all other their phone calls.

In addition to impressing on my clients that they should not be discussing their case on the county phones in person or otherwise, I also mention to them that anything they mail out or say to any of the inmates in custody can and will be used against them as well. Once a case is filed, law enforcement officials love to try and help the prosecutors get evidence against defendants. The police are not their friends and are in the competitive business of ferreting out crime and will do what they deem appropriate to tie a person to a crime and gather evidence that assists the prosecutors.

Your best defense against these tactics is to hire a criminal defense attorney to even the playing field and make sure the person in custody is treated fairly and there is no evidence used against them that should not be. When I go and meet with the clients, I tell them everything they need to know about not doing anything that can hurt their case and we also discuss what they can do to actually assist in their own defense. Over the years, I have worked hand and hand with many clients to build a strong defense and to figure out mitigating factors related to their case that the prosecutors may not have thought to consider. The key is that a defendant and their family must be given the right map to assist their attorney, so they are not just spinning their wheels while the process is moving forward.

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