Workers Compensation Fraud

Los Angeles Workers Compensation Fraud Lawyer


I have been defending clients charged with workers compensation fraud for the past 25 years. There are many different forms that this crime can take and your best bet is to come and discuss your case in the privacy of my office, so we can lay everything out on the table and get down to the “nitty gritty” of what it will take to get you a result that will keep you out of jail and protect your record and freedom. It is one of my chief goals when I meet with a client to discuss their criminal case to make sure that when we leave the meeting, we have a plan in place and each of us knows exactly what we have to do in order to achieve the desired result. Once the client has an idea of what they are up against and what they can do to assist in the process, I have seen that a sense of relief takes over and the case is much more manageable. It is my experience that a criminal case causes a person to lose control of their life and causes a lot of stress and aggravation. I consider it my job to help deal with that stress and give the client peace of mind knowing how the case will be handled and what they can do to help.

It is my experience that the prosecutors and judges are interested in getting the victim’s their money back. Especially if the victim is the State of California, if you can set up a way to pay them back, then you will be in a much better position to resolve your case in a favorable manner. In my view, having an attorney who has handled a lot of these cases will likely serve you best. Because there are so many different angles or forms a workers compensation case can take, it is imperative that you hire an attorney who has seen and figured out how to defend on many different levels in order to make sure they can deal with your situation. This is not the time for trial and error, it is the time to bring in a seasoned professional and begin the systematic process of cleaning this case up and getting you out of the criminal system. These cases are dangerous because if the prosecutors and judges are not dealt with in the right manner and the client does not realize what can potentially happen if they are not properly represented, then disaster can strike in the form of a harsh sentence that causes the client to lose rights and their freedom.


In California, the workers compensation system is a no fault system. This means that those who file claims do not have to prove that their on the job injury was a result of another individual while on-the-job. Because of this, there is no simple definition for workers compensation fraud. The fraud can come from a single claimant, someone who fraudulently makes a claim to receive medical expenses, lost wages current wages, or wages lost in the future due to injury. The fraud can also be committed as a white collar crime, when doctors or others in the workers compensation system seek to entice others to file exaggerated or non-existent claims, in order to be paid for fraudulent services rendered by an employer’s insurance company. Either way, Worker’s Compensation Fraud is a serious offense, and must be treated as such.

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